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Nottingham Dante Alighieri Society

AGM 20 September 2022


Presidents Report

I would like to thank those people who stepped up and presented during the earlier part of the year John Hess, Marina Coslovi,  Only two but they were excellent

We have a full programme for this year but in the new year we will start looking for events for the 2023/4 programme.  If you have any suggestions let me or one of the committee know.


Financial Report.

Over the past two years we have had no income and we have had payments to make for the Website in each of these two years,  and also postage and stationary. We have £620.71 in the bank but the Cathedral have increased the rental of the room by 20% and as that was before the energy crisis we could expect further increases.  It was decided to increase the subscription by about 25% which I think is the first increase for at least 8 years. 


Election of Committee.

The following have agreed to continue to serve on the Committee.

Tony Keyworth - President

Elizabeth Lodge - Secretary

Dawn Hurst - Membership Secretary

Sid Pritchett

Sue Hawkesford

Linda Phillips

Euan Gibby 

John Hess.

Maggie Panikka has decided to resign after many years on the Committee and I have written to her on behalf of the Society to thank her for her considerable support over so many years.

Would someone like to propose that these  people are elected to serve on the Committee.  and a seconder?

Proposed by  Member Susan Hawkesford 

Seconded by Member Julie Broughton


Any Other Business - None

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